Oh, I can still hear

The breeze in the trees

They’re takin’ away today.

It’s mankinds endless erection

A growth they call eternal

Humans merely a terrible infection,

And Nature fighting back with inferno.

But humans just keep on insisting,

And Nature’s really persisting,

With a fight she keeps winning;

As people perish in floods and fires

And Nature claims her own desires.

We are all headed to the compost heap,

Nature is the House holding the prize

In a bet we always lose with our body’s demise.

So why can’t we cool it,

With the empire building?

Imaginary leaders talking us

Into a world of their bidding

When proof’s always obvious

That our lives will always be fleeting?

C’mon people, let’s show some humility,

Let’s all admit our fear and futility;

Life’s a gift that’s delightful but brief,

We all end up coming to grief

Nature is, finally, the Chief

And Time a relentless Thief.

Publishing and WordPress

Pushing forward into self-publishing and POD (Print On Demand)

I have more questions than answers, but I’m determined to see all these pieces of paper (and files) of mine turned into a “document” of some sort. I have poetry, essays and political commentary I want to call “my statement”. Frankly, I’m pretty much just a “Grumpy Old Man”, nowadays, but my poetry has described my stages of growth and some of my falls from virtue. I believe I am human, but maybe nobody else is? Grumpy finding fault with every sort of human action, having decided “Humanity Is Disabled” is my current mantra, as I witness human failure passing on my screen. The fires keep burning, the wars continue, refugees increase, as if there is no resolution to our human problems, or at least not a “human” solution. And why would anyone want to know this? Denial seems to be the “main attraction” these days, omissions and delusions a new flood growing ever-larger.

Ho-hum. I might be boring. Overstate myself with statements that are incorrect, believing I have knowledge that only makes others cringe over my ignorance. Sorry in advance, I guess. Science always wants to be critiqued, and considers theories open to adjustment. I would love to be a conversation, a part of minds grasping issues together. Thinking today, a single person, like Elon Musk, cannot build a car, let alone thousands, all by himself. Complex humanity kills the heroic Crusoe, Master of His Domain, Imagine one person setting out to make a cellphone from scratch. The industrial processes of everything from making plastic parts from “oil” or manufacturing computer chips, and of course the network infrastructure, and even the massive “collecting” of parts from around the globe, make phones a “social” device of “group dynamics” that only an “advanced civilization” can manage. Unfortunately, that human advancement brings us to the brink of a quick devolution as Nature may persist and kill off the human cancer.

Hence, my sorry valuation of Humanity Disabled. People are hoping “If nothing changes, nothing changes”. Nature recycles everything, much better than we can. If 8 billion people died tomorrow, all the composting would create a bubble of erstwhile carrion bacteria and other organisms that would consume our sorry corpses. Unless of course the Earth’s temperature looped upwards to 100 degrees Celsius (boiling point) and then everything would look like Mars or Venus, or as blank as the moon.

Cheers, eh? I told you I was Grumpy. I could buy something, and make myself happy. Eat, drink, be Mary. Lots of options. I am old (67), getting worn out, not too long in this human state. Like I say, lots of questions.

Can I write a blog on WordPress and prepare that into a file (PDF) feeding to a POD facility? Would like to use blogs as advert for Manuscript Download (just a large PDF, or a printed “real” thing). I recently bought a POD book, that was printed just for me. An old book, from 1900, printed March 10, 2018 by First Rate Publishers.
“Cosmic Consciousness” by Richard Maurice Bucke. $15.83 CDN

So, here I come, putting on a push to make about 200 pages of “my stuff” available. Considering a “course” in WordPress…anybody have ideas on that? Is it worth $200.? Do you think my book will still sell 100 years from now? Ha ha.